Moore Than Paper

By Katie Moore



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Moore Than Paper
By Katie Moore

I would like to thank the customers that have been with me from the start of my journey, going back a couple of years ago. It all began with my inspired ideas to create hand drawn stickers and planner layouts. Being a busy full time Mom of 3 little ones I have finally gotten around to the official launch of my own line of Stationary and Planners.

This has been my vision for so long now that I’m beyond myself to see it all finally taking shape. Here are some things you can be excited about in the upcoming months:

  • More Awesome Freebies!
  • Aluminum Discs in more color options
  • My own line of planners and inserts
  • Planner Layouts In ALL Sizes
  • Recipe Books with editable layouts
  • Devotional Books
  • Stickers and Washi (Of Course)
  • So Much MOORE!


Moore Than Binding


Create Planners, Notebooks, Devotional Books, Recipe Books, Journals, Art Pads, Work activity books and More!
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Working on New Teacher – Student Layouts

Having friends that are teachers or that homeschool I've had it in the works to make up a teacher/homeschool planner weekly layouts. With people also requesting them as well, I finally dedicated some time to work on some functional layouts. So here they are all 4 options and in a vertical ... VIEW POST

New layout now available…

It's been a long time in the making but I'm finally getting around to having my highly requested Happy Planner Size layouts available for purchase in both a download digital format to print yourself or printed on 32 lb premium paper stock to be shipped to you. I've decided to make my ... VIEW POST

New Custom Planner In the Works

It's taken me quite some time to get this far to find planner peace with my new custom planner designed layout and setup. I've always loved my happy planner but ultimately it fell short in some areas that I find where important for my everyday use. With time I have been able to upgrade the areas ... VIEW POST

Why Aluminum Arc Binding Discs?

For those that have been following me and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my discs, I really appreciate everyone that has been patient during the process of getting all sizes in stock. They are finally all in and will very be up for sale very soon.   Upgrading my happy planner mini. ??? A ... VIEW POST

DIY Washi Storage and Ideas

As I'm looking up ideas for how I'm going to package my aluminum arc discs that should be here by MONDAY...I decided of course to search online. During my search I found these cleaver and cute ways to make up your very own washi storage. Because if you're anything like would be impossible to ... VIEW POST


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